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About First Chiropractic in Hawke’s Bay

photo of our receiption areaEmbracing the Napier
and Hastings Communities

We’ve been helping build stronger communities since 1994. First Chiropractic was named to reflect our desire to inspire the community to choose chiropractic care as a first choice for health care.

Located in both Napier and Hastings, our friendly, professional team aims to correct subluxations. Doing so enhances your body’s ability to heal itself and maintain good health throughout your entire life.

Health Is a Family Affair

We enjoy providing families lifetime care and helping everyone get well and stay well. Many parents bring in their families for care and we are happy to see everyone feel better and live better. From children and babies to the elderly, we want to see everyone be healthy and happy.

Experienced Doctors for Quality Care

Our caring team of ten local Napier and Hastings chiropractors will choose the most-gentle technique for your best healing. With years of experience, you’re in great hands. We also offer X-rays on-site for your convenience.

We always keep your best interest in mind, whether that means encouraging you to visit an acupuncturist, boosting your diet with supplements or recommending special exercises.


Adjust. Maintain. Improve.

Chiropractic care helps you by naturally adjusting your body so you can heal, maintain good health and improve your overall life.

Our team is here and we’re ready to help you achieve your health goals and live your best life.

Contact First Chiropractic today and let’s set up a time to meet!

First Chiropractic | Napier (06) 843 3384 | Hastings (06) 870 7100