Paediatric Care
at First Chiropractic

Paediatric chiropractic carefully assesses and gently corrects a baby or child’s spine and nerve system to support healthy growth and development, so they thrive and feel their best.

Providing Gentle Care

To adjust children and babies, our chiropractors use gentle pressure with their fingers or a specific tool. The pressure used to adjust a baby is about the same as you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato—very gentle and just enough to make a significant difference. Children usually enjoy being adjusted at our centres and many babies sleep through their adjustments!

Putting Kids at Ease

We understand your little one may feel nervous about getting adjusted. We let them know they can sit on their parent’s
lap or even give them a hug, while we assess their spine gently.

Another way we put children at ease is by showing them the instrument we often use. We’ll demonstrate on the parent’s hand how gentle the pressure is, so the parent can reassure them. Then we can let your child feel the pressure on their own hand.

After we’ve finished, we’ll give your child a sticker.

baby smiling at the cameraBirth can put immense strain on the spine of the newborn, particularly the cranial bones and upper neck. Even without intervention, natural labour and birth can create tension and disturbance to the spinal joints and nerves that exit the spine, causing various issues. Having a newborn checked and adjusted may have many health benefits for the baby.

Here are some common reasons parents bring their baby to First Chiropractic:

  • Irritable, unsettled & uncomfortable baby
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Restricted movement (head tilted, baby preferring to latch on one breast, or preferring to turn their head to one side when being held or lying down)
  • Asymmetric body position when they are lying down
  • Asymmetrical head shape & flattening of the head
  • Difficulty breastfeeding or a weak suck
  • Torticollis (spasm of front neck muscles)

chiropractor adjusting a young girl's neckWe all know that part of being a child is learning through exploring our limits and pushing our boundaries. Sometimes this can lead to accidents, such as trips and falls.

While children often appear to bounce back quickly from these common events, small amounts of damage can be done to the spine. If unchecked, this can lead to larger issues later in life, so it’s a good idea to have them checked regularly from a young age.

Here are some potential health benefits that children may experience due to having a healthy spine and nerve system:

  • an improved ability to process and respond to stress
  • better sleep patterns
  • enhanced posture and normal structural development
  • the creation of normal movement patterns and gait
  • improved balance and coordination
  • increased focus and energy levels

What to Expect


We’ll have a consultation with the parents to discuss why they’ve come to visit us. For example, you may be seeking a general check-up for your child or want us to address a particular health concern they have.

While we chat with you, your baby can feed or play. For kids, we have a box of toys they can play with.


We can perform an exam on your baby either while you’re holding them on your chest, or they’re sitting on your lap.

Only a gentle touch or ‘wiggle’ all the way up the spine over their clothing is used. The chiropractor feels the position and movement of each joint, assessing for subluxations (misaligned or restricted movement of the spine creating irritation to the nerve system).

Adjustments are performed as they move up the spine using gentle pressure with their fingers or using a specific tool for babies/children.

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