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Meet Dr Emma Mead | Hastings Office

Chiropractic Runs in the Family

Dr Emma Mead

Dr Emma Mead

I’m really fortunate because my Dad is a chiropractor at home in Wellington so I’ve had chiropractic check-ups by him since I was born, and I have always enjoyed the benefits of good health.

People are amazed when I tell them I’ve never taken a Panadol before. To me, this is, and always has been normal.

A Big Difference Through Chiropractic Care

When I was young, my classmates at school had their fair share of allergies, asthma, tonsillitis—you know, all “the usual” childhood problems and under chiropractic care I seemed to sail through unscathed by most of these problems. I found that a lot of people were in defence mode- fighting to keep “un-sick”, and taking medications to relieve symptoms they were experiencing.

Changing a Person’s Quality of Life

It was at high school that I began to appreciate how healthy I was, and the paradigm of health my parents exposed me to- that health is something I have to continually build myself.

I loved working in dad’s office at reception because his patients would share with me the amazing changes they’d had with chiropractic care. It would blow me away how a healthy spine and nervous system could change a person’s quality of life so much!! And it still does. So I took the big step and after 5 years of study, I graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic myself.

I moved down to Hawkes Bay in March 2009 to join the team at First Chiropractic and what a great place to be!

Personal interests…I love basketball and playing sports. I love the sun, travelling and spending time with my husband and two young daughters.

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