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chiropractor adjusting with activatorChiropractic improves the movement and alignment of the spine and also our brain-to-body communication, so you can enjoy the things you love to do and build a healthier you! Many people seek chiropractic care as they want natural pain relief. Others choose this drug-free form of care to improve their overall health.

Our Techniques

The majority of our adjusting at First Chiropractic is done using instruments such as an Impulse® Adjusting Instrument (pictured) or Activator® Instrument. These are the most widely used ‘low force’ chiropractic techniques in the world. With these methods, a small handheld adjusting instrument is used to deliver a fast, but very gentle and specific thrust to a specific part of a bone in the spine. These modern techniques offer a more gentle approach for those who suffer from degeneration, arthritis and osteoporosis, pregnant women in all stages of their pregnancy, as well as for babies and children.


We also commonly use the following methods:

Diversified (Manual Adjustment)

A specific manual thrust is delivered to a specific joint in the spine. The direction, speed, depth and angle that are used is the result of years of training, experience, and a thorough understanding of spinal anatomy and spinal mechanics.


The Thompson Technique is a system of analysis and adjustment of the spine incorporating parts of the table, “drop pieces”, that move as adjustments are delivered, which ensure a gentle adjustment.


With this method, there’s no thrusting into the spine. Instead, wedge-shaped cushions are placed at strategic areas along the body while the patient lies down. After a thorough assessment, the adjustment is given, with gravity doing most of the work.

Why Patients Seek Our Care

While chiropractic doesn’t ‘treat’ anything (it simply removes nerve interference in your spine and restores optimal nerve function to allow your body to heal itself), here are some of the many conditions that may improve with chiropractic care:

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