Animal Walks for Brain Development

Animal Walks

With this lockdown there’s a lot of talk about home-schooling and getting our kids to continue learning during this time. While formal learning is important, we’re also focusing on using this time to strengthen the development pathways in our kids’ brains.

A great way to do this is with ‘animal walks’, which helps:
– Build core strength
– the vestibular (balance) system
– Proprioceptive input (ie. does the brain know what the body is doing and where it is at all times?
– Calm an overloaded sensory system (the kids prone to meltdowns). 

Here are some pictures for your kids to give a go and you can do them with your kids too! You’ll be surprised at how hard they can be. Try to incorporate them into your daily routine – before any school work would be great.
Animal Walks 2 Animal walks 3 Animal Walks 4 Animal Walks 5 Animal Walks 6 Animal Walks 7