The Importance of Stretching

Woman StretchingWhy is it important to stretch?

  1. To increase flexibility to perform everyday activities with relative ease, delaying impaired mobility associated with ageing.
  2. To reverse muscle imbalances which may be contributing to poor posture
  3. To reduce your risk of injury such as muscle strain or tearing.
  4. To increase your range of motion.
  5. For stress relief; stretching regularly, especially when combined with deep breathing and mindfulness exercises, is a great way to ease mental stress and even reduce signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Types of stretching

To increase joint range of motion all types of stretching are effective.

Static Stretching

Static Stretch

Static Stretch example

Involves putting the body part in a comfortable position that elongates the muscle without causing pain, for about 30 seconds. Also recommended post-exercise for reducing muscle injuries and increasing joint range of motion.

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretch example

Dynamic Stretch example

Involves the performance of a movement progressively increasing the range of motion through successive repetitive motions (not holding one position) until the end range is achieved stretching. Also recommended for warm-up for athletes before activity.

The Art of Stretching

Tips graphic

Reverse the effects of technology

Your neck and back will love you for it!

If hours are spent with poor posture in front of a computer or looking down at a phone, leading to neck and upper back stiffness, try these daily stretches.

Extension Stretch

Foam Roller

Quick Tip!

If your child is using an electronic device for an extended period, it’s important to change positions regularly! Lying on their stomach and lifting their head against gravity strengthens their neck and back muscles.

Basic Daily Stretches

Talk to your chiropractor at your next visit about what daily stretches they would recommend for you. Pick up a copy of our Stretching guide for more information

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