The Keys to Wellness and Longevity

Set Some Goals

ClipboardEverybody’s different, so there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that will create optimal health for all. However, there are some factors that can be applied in a general sense to enable you to master the basics of health and wellness without doing anything drastic.
Firstly it’s always a good idea to have a road map.

What is important to you right now? And then, thinking ahead – what do you want to achieve in the longterm? If one of your goals is to have more energy this year, what do you need to do in order to achieve that? If you want to decrease your stress levels, what are your triggers and how can you control them? How can you increase your stress threshold (hint – getting adjusted helps!).

Furthermore, do you want to be playing golf in your later years, spending time in the garden, wrestling with your grandchildren?

Or would you be happy sitting, sedentary, dependant on others?

With modern healthcare advances, the number of people living to 100-years old is on the rise, so it’s worth taking a moment to think about what that might look like for you.. If you continue living the way you currently do, are you likely to be in good shape when you’re 100? If not, would it be worth making some changes sooner rather than later so there’s no regrets when you get there?

If you struggle to picture yourself at 100, it may be easier to picture your parents (who will be slightly closer!). How have they aged? Is there something you can change to be proactive now that might help you to avoid a health issue they suffer from? While you share some genetic make-up, the environment you create actually shapes us far more than our genetic code. Small changes in your environment now can have a huge impact on your life further down the track.

So for you to set these short and long term health goals, it’s important to acknowledge where you’re currently at. At your next visit to one of our centres, pick up a copy of this blog. On the back page there is a chart where you can consider where you fit into several categories and finish with a number between -10 and +10. Once you’ve got your current number, let your chiropractor know so they can record it in your file. Also mention what number you’d aim for so we can help you get there!

Final Food for Thought:

Your health is dynamic, meaning it doesn’t stay still. Whatever small positive habits you are doing consistently will have an accumulative effect on your overall health. Start now and start small. Small changes matter! Hopefully, this has planted some seeds of wellness for you, stay tuned for our series of easy-to-implement tips to help you on your journey.

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