grandmother and girl planting flowers at garden

Our HEALTHY BACKS list of tips help you enjoy the satisfaction of gardening, without the frustration of pain as a result.


Have the right tools for the task at hand.
Ensure you drink plenty of water
Alternate between light and heavy jobs.
Limber up – Stretch frequently to reduce repetitive stresses on your body.
Take frequent breaks.
Heavy loads should be shared.
Your body is smart, listen to it.


Before your start, warm up your muscles.
Avoid injury – lift with your legs and core, not your back.
Change positions frequently.
Kneel to plant and weed – ideally with a cushion if on hard surfaces.
Spinal check ups – keep your spine and nerve system healthy to keep you in the garden longer!


Contact us if you have any questions, or would like some advice to ensure you get to make the most of the longer days in your garden!