Men's Health Month - Where does Chiropractic fit in?

Men’s Health Month is all about bringing awareness to health topics relating specifically to men. There are all sorts of important areas to discuss, including mental health, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s, stroke, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight issues and sexual health. 
 Another we would like to add to the list is spinal health! 
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Without meaning to be sexist, in our practice it seems that a lot of men still live by the motto that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. So they wait until they literally can’t do the most basic of tasks (ie. walking) without significant pain before they visit us to help correct their problem, almost as if living with pain is a show of strength. Often, by the time we are consulted, the underlying cause has probably been there for a while, so it obviously doesn’t always heal immediately and lasts longer than any of us would like.

Here’s something to think about…

What would you like to still be doing in 20/30/40 years time? What do you want your health and quality of life to be like?

If you’re not sure, perhaps think about your parents or grandparents (you do have some of their DNA after all) and what their quality of life is like. If it’s good, what have they done to get there? Likewise if it’s not good, what didn’t they do?

If you have some long-term goals for your health, the next step is to consider what you would need to do in the meantime to be able to reach those goals.

Most goals typically have something to do with strength and mobility, energy, immune function, alertness, all of which rely on a healthy spine and nerve system. And When it comes to your spine and nerve system, chiropractic care is important to keep them functioning at their best. You know how your spine protects your nervous system? If your spine isn’t aligned and moving as it should then it can interfere with the nerve communication between your brain and body, which can affect your health in many ways..

Sometimes there are obvious signs that your spine and nerve system aren’t functioning at their best, for example:

So if you already have any of these then it’s time for a check-up from a chiropractor!

Even if you don’t have any of those signs though, it’s still worth coming in for a check-up in case we can detect minor imbalances and prevent them from becoming an issue later on.

How does that work?

At our practice, we do a range of tests to determine the health and function of your spine and nerve system, which includes nerve-scanning technology, posture and range of motion analysis, and muscle strength testing among other tests as necessary. To acknowledge Men’s Health Month we are also offering 20% off your initial consultation – simply mention this article.

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